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From the Principal's Desk


Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Week 4

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Report Release

Servite College again affirms our deep sorrow at the abuse experienced by those within the pastoral care of the Catholic Church in Australia. In response to the recent release of the Royal Commission's child sexual abuse survey analysis, community statements from Servite Provincial Delegate Fr Peter Porteous and Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) Executive Director Dr Tim McDonald are included in this week's edition of iServi.



Newspaper headlines and evening news reports have often brought to our attention the potential dangers associated with using the internet and various forms of social media. I am sure many of us may already take the internet, email, smart phones, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter for granted or have contemplated how we ever got by without the use of such time saving and remarkable tools. Digital technologies and devices have become integral to our curriculum and to giving our students 'voice and choice' in how they present evidence of their learning. However, just as contemporary digital communication channels can offer many benefits, they can also bring about much heartache and concern when used inappropriately.

Chat rooms, websites and camera phones unfortunately have the potential to place young people in compromising positions. Our College and parents play a pivotal role in teaching young people not only about the ways they can ensure they remain safe but also of the responsibility they have to one another to use technology in an appropriate manner. At Servite students are aware of the expectation to act responsibly. Students and parents enter into an agreement with the College as outlined in our internet and computer use policy and you will have recently signed this with your child. This, together with regular discussions with students about careful and appropriate use of the latest technology has proven to be highly effective.


Servite College Inter-Priory Swimming Carnival

When: Monday 20 February 2017

Where: HBF Stadium, Stephenson Avenue Mt Claremont WA 6010 (Outdoor 10 Lane Pool)

Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm


Rules and Etiquette


  • Students are required to wear their College sports shorts, their predominantly white sports shoes, College socks and their Priory t-shirt. Bathers should be worn underneath the Priory uniform on arrival to school.
  • Additional clothing in Priory colours may be worn while in the stands but not while competing (e.g. fairy wings, tights, head bands etc).
  • Boys may wear College bathers or swim shorts, and an appropriate rash vest. If the student does not have College bathers then plain board shorts are required.
  • Girls may wear College bathers, swim shorts and rash vest or plain one-piece bathers.
  • College sport shorts are not to be worn in the pool.