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From the Principal's Desk


Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Week 8

Digital Transformation @ Servite

During 2016 it has been my pleasure to update the Servite community on our delivery of innovative teaching practices and learning spaces.

From collaborations with global education experts to the installation of new classroom furniture as a catalyst for the development of contemporary learning skills, we have taken a number of significant steps this year.


End of Year Programme for Year 7-9 Students

Next Monday we begin our special End of Year Programme for Years 7, 8 and 9. Our students will be involved in a range of dynamic learning and well-being opportunities over the week. Our teachers have worked hard to develop an End of Year Programme that will excite, entertain and energise our students as they head off for the Christmas break.

Monday – Wednesday

Year 7 students will be participating in cross curricular inquiry projects in all learning areas and will be working in teams to solve problems and create solutions. Year 8 and 9 students will be participating in a variety of innovative learning experiences including one minute movies, designing a utopian school, a rescue operation, a race around Servite, quizzes, investigating the culture of a country and making a short video advertisement, Christmas activities and coding. The workshops are designed to provide a wide range of learning opportunities and meet the needs and interests of all our students.


Learning at Servite

Every year, millions of Australian children enter pre-primary schooling armed with one word: "Why?" They continuously ask questions in what seems like an unending loop. On the other side, parents, caretakers, and teachers do their best to come up with answers to manage this kiddie-inquisition. Behind every question lies another and another and another. This process is important for our children as their brains are busily creating pathways as they attempt to understand how things work. They are learning – and learning how to learn (metacognition).

Brain based research pinpoints that we have a curious scientific nature from the beginning of life but often something happens as we grow older and our curious nature starts to fade. We stop asking "why?" and lose our inner scientist. Today, the need for curious people has heightened. We are anticipating a future workforce who will need the skills of research – developing questions, investigating, prototyping and evaluating. We are at a critical time in our world with many global issues needing to be solved. To make a better world, our society needs people to ask questions, seek answers, and create solutions. As such, it's time to reconnect with curiosity again and nurture it in our children. Children who ask questions will become adults who continue to ask questions.