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From the Principal's Desk


Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Week 4

Science Technology Engineering and Maths - STEM

The College has been integrating a range of STEM and Digital Technology initiatives into the school over the past few years. We are very pleased at the positive impact that these programs are having on learning at the school and acknowledge the effort and interest of those many students involved.

One initiative that has enlisted strong involvement from students is the Robocup Challenge, introduced by Head of Technology and Enterprise Mr Rick Williams and Director of Learning Technologies Mr James Maitland in 2016. Groups of students have continued to spend time after school planning and developing their coding and technical skills in order to be competitive in the Robocup Challenge.


Operation XLR8

After hours of planning and fundraising, a group of Year 10 and 11 students took part in the Operation XLR8 obstacle course in Baldivis on 8 August. When we arrived at the site, we were warmly welcomed by the Baldivis staff. Ted Blackshaw, the owner of Operation XLR8, gave the students an inspirational speech, detailing his life in the army and encouraging us all to become our best selves. Following this, Mr Blackshaw guided the group through stretches to prepare our bodies for the obstacle course. We then went through a quick demo before commencing the course. The obstacle course was gruelling – it tested every fibre of our bodies and challenged our minds to persevere through the physical fatigue. We completed two laps of this course before having a relay competition where we were split into four groups. This was the last activity we completed before we headed back to school and the day concluded.

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Salvation Army Sleeping Bag Drive: Year 8 CSL

On Wednesday this week our Year 8 students were given an excellent presentation on homelessness in Australia by Mr Darren Reynolds from the Salvation Army.

Aligned with their Religious Education topic where they are learning the importance of giving to others, our Year 8s gained an understanding of who is homeless and why they became homeless. Students were suprised and dismayed to learn that although indigenous Australians make up only 3% of our national population, they make up 25% of our total percentage of homeless.

In a month students will be given the opportunity to see the work the Salvation Army do in Northbridge. We are calling all families of Year 8 students to please consider making a donation of one sleeping bag which we will provide the Salvation Army so that the homeless can be less cold this winter.

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