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From the Principal's Desk

Allen_JeffDear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to week 3


The week saw students in Years 7 and 9 complete their NAPLAN testing. By now, most parents would know that:

"NAPLAN tests identify whether all students have the literacy and numeracy skills that provide the critical foundation for their learning, and for their productive and rewarding participation in the community. Students are assessed using common national tests in reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy."


Year 12 Retreat

Let your Light Shine

Each year our Year 12 students venture off for their annual retreat. The focus of the retreat this year was "Let Your Light Shine" calling our students to explore who they will be into the future and how they can be people of influence who serve, grow communities and reflect Mary in the way they interact with others. Our students participated in a variety of sessions, sharing their experiences and discovering how they can go forward and become the light of the world to those around them. The 2016 retreat was a superb experience with many fantastic stories shared.

Year 12 retreat has allowed me to gain a strong relationship with people who I have never really associated with. Retreat has enabled me to connect and interact with many people in order to create strong bonds with each other.
Cele Nicolaou

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Heads of Year, 2016

Providing clear direction and avenues for students to have a voice is an important part of student life at the College. In developing strategies for all our students to be represented, the College introduced Heads of Year in the new Student Leadership model. Throughout Term One, the Student Councillors nominated and voted for their representative Heads of Year. The number of students who applied for these positions was pleasing and after the voting had concluded, the College was proud to announce the first Heads of Year at the end of term assembly. It is with great pride the following students have been appointed the first Heads of Year for 2016: