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From the Principal's Desk


Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Week 5

College Visit

On Friday of last week the College was privileged to welcome a number of guests to the school who spent the morning visiting classes and seeing Servite in action. The visitors included Mr Edward Simons, CEWA Director Governance and Administrative Services (in attendance on behalf of Dr Tim McDonald, CEWA Executive Director), Shadow Education Minister Ms Sue Ellery MLC and Stirling City Councillor Mr David Michael.


Assumption Mass

To the contemporary world the Feast of Our Lady's Assumption may seem strange. It is a feast that honours the whole human person, body and soul. Though our society is obsessed with material objects, we often fail to notice the God-given dignity of our material bodies. The Assumption is also an invitation to celebrate the goodness and the joy that God promises us at the end of time.

Our Year 12 ATAR Religion and Life students have been exploring how the Church develops and expresses its beliefs. The Assumption of Mary, body and soul, is a great example of how a belief becomes an official church teaching. For many centuries, the Feast of the Assumption was celebrated in the Catholic Church without any formal definition of the doctrine. In most places, it was the principal feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary and it is the patronal festival of many of Europe's great Marian cathedrals, such as Notre Dame de Paris. That Mary 'was assumed, body and soul, into heavenly glory', was made an official teaching of the Catholic Church in 1950, as Pope Pius XII promulgated in the Bull Munificentissimus Deus.


Year 10 History Excursion

As part of the Year 10 History course of study in Humanities we attended an excursion to two of Australia's war museums, the Aviation Heritage Museum in Bullcreek and the Army Museum of Western Australia in Fremantle. It was an engaging and comprehensive experience for us as we were able to develop a deeper understanding of the Second World War and its impact on modern society today. At the Aviation Heritage Museum, we were introduced to the myriad of planes and aircrafts that protected Australia from the sky. We learnt of the technology involved in aviation during the war and how it has rapidly evolved throughout the years.

At the Army Museum of Western Australia, we learnt of Australia's involvement in the war and how much of a decisive impact we played on the result. We also learnt of the atrocities that the Second World War created – the animosity and brutality that stemmed from the hatred between nations fighting in it.