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From the Principal's Desk


Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to the commencement of the final term of the year. I hope that you all enjoyed the break and took the opportunity to reconnect and spend some quality time together as a family.

The importance of family should never be underestimated. Pope Benedict XVI once said that the family is "a grace of God, which allows what He Himself is to be revealed". He said, "do not let love, openness to life, and the incomparable bonds that unite your home be corrupted. Ask this continually of the Lord, praying together, that your intentions be illuminated by faith and exalted by divine grace on the path toward holiness. In this way, with the joy of sharing everything in love, you will give the world a beautiful witness of how important the family is for the human being and for society. The Pope is by your side, asking especially of the Lord for those in each family who have the greatest needs of health, work, comfort, and companionship".


VET News

Picture01Congratulations to Tehlia Graziani (SM2) who was nominated for the Group Training Australia (WA Inc) 2016 Awards of Excellence. At a function on 30 September 2016, five categories of finalists, across a variety of industry areas including Plumbing, Health, Electrical and Hospitality were announced.

Tehlia won the School Based Trainee of the Year Award for Group Training and was presented with her prize by Mr Peter Keenan, Manager of the AMA Apprenticeship and Traineeship Services. Being only one of five Award winners, it was a significant win for Tehlia and provided her with a fantastic opportunity for networking with others in the industry. This prestigious award will certainly open doors for her in the future.

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Year 7 Pastoral Care Programme

During the Year 7 Pastoral Care Programme this week, the students were addressed by Mr Paul Litherland of Surf Online Safe. He is a former police officer who is now involved in educating young people about cyber safety. The students found him to be extremely informative and entertaining and they gained considerable insight into the proper use of their mobile phones and social media tools.

Mr Litherland raised critical issues about privacy and the sharing of images and information and many students were genuinely surprised about how much of their information could make it into the public domain.

This topic is an important part of the Year 7 Pastoral Care Programme this term.


Mrs Jill Melbourne
Assistant Deputy Principal - Our Lady of Sorrows

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